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Secure Your Website From Hacker All Over The World.

How Websites Get Hacked?

In the world of Hacking the Hacker are waiting to exploit your website with their most dangerous hacking tools. Its comes when there is loop holes or we can say it as "bugs" in your website which are ignored while your website was developed. we are providing security services which will secure your website and never interrupt your most valueable work.

In large organizations, it is often because they dropped the ball. They knew exactly what the threat was, but they never thought it would extend to their websites, with the common response being – “I thought someone else was handling it”. When it comes to small businesses, it is often – “Why would anyone want to hack me? I never knew it’d be an issue for me, I’m not Target, I don’t have credit card information”.

How to Protect Your Website?

Hacks are most commonly compromised through existing scripts, such as plugins or other third party extensions. These are generally not thoroughly tested and hackers can scan domains for any sites using these known vulnerable scripts to gain access. To prevent attacks, limit the use of plugins and extensions and delete the files of any that you do not need.

Another common vulnerability is out-of-date scripts and installations, such as your WordPress or Joomla installation, themes, plugins, etc. Often the updates to these tools are security patches to holes that hackers have found, so be sure to update your scripts whenever you see updates are available.Installing firewall protection software is also very helpful. SiteLock is helpful for both protection and malware removal. It scans daily for malware and SQL injections, has automated malware removal, blacklist monitoring, reputation management with major browsers and search engines, and also checks for out-of-date scripts on your site.

Service We Provide:

  • User Login Security
  • User Registration Security
  • Database Security
  • File System Security
  • WP-CONFIG.PHP File Backup And Restore
  • Blacklist Functionality
  • Firewall Functionality
  • BRUTE FORCE Login Attack Prevention
  • WHOIS Lookup
  • Security Scanner
  • Comment Spam Security
  • Front-End Text Copy Protection
  • Regular Updates And Addition of New Security Features
  • And Many More....
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